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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  December 9, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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welcome back. thanks of being with us on this thursday. i am pamela brown. >> i am alison starling. let's get started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, adam caskey. glad you aren't that this morning. it is cold. >> so much for the flu shot. it did not help me. temperatures near 20 degrees. we are in the low 20s even in parts of the metro area. reagan national present 27. we will likely go down a few more degrees this morning. in martinsburg its 22. 18 in frederick. your a look at the forecast. we expect a lot of sunshine. that will make it feel a little nicer because we don't have the gusty wind. that's one of the main alliance. sunny and not as windy, but still cold, temperatures in the mid-30s. dropping down to the 20's
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tonight. low 40's tomorrow. there could be low 40's with partial sunshine. now to lisa baden. water main break on 14th street and 17th streets. recruit is there. use caution. overnight construction is gone. in good shape as far as the ultimate travel, interstate travel, and added to the wilson bridge. let's go to a traffic ticket to the 14th street bridge. pentagon at 395, looks great and washington boulevards. flames went bowie over night. -- flames went through the house in bowie in the 8600 block of normal school road. the family got alex safely. the cause is under investigation. investigators are trying to find what caused a massive fire
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that destroyed anas in potomac. the fire happened last night encore query mill. there were no fire hydrants. the couple and their dog or able to get of safely. our big story, the maryland man at the center of a terrorist plot. the fbi said 21-year-old antonio martinez wanted to kill u.s. servicemen and women inside recruiting center in baltimore county. >> the fbi sting called him first. >> antonio martinez is in custody after allegedly trying to detonate what he thought was a bomb outside a maryland recruiting center. the fbi said it was a staying. convertscent muslim and goes by the name smallwood hussain -- mohammed hussein and
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was trying to recruit muslims. the car bomb was never. -- was never a danger to public.the he is being held until a hearing scheduled for monday. brianne carter, abc 7 news. we are learning more about the man at the center of this alleged plot. to say that he would not want to detonate a bomb where children are playing. >> laurel high-school graduate recently converted to islam and
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wanted to be a marker and participate in jihad. he moved frequently so that he could remain anonymous. a developing story. some "wikileaks" supporters are fighting back after the rest of the web site founded julian assange. hackers launch to cyber attacks against public sites of the companies that cut ties with wikileaks after it posted classified diplomatic documents, including mastercard and visa and the targeted the website of swedish prosecutors investigating sex crimes allegations. prince george's county police looking for the driver responsible for a hit and run accident. early yesterday morning at walker mill and county road where a a woman was killed and a man critically injured. a 1990 gold honda accord with a cold front end damage. an elderly man injured after being hit by an suv in maryland.
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he is believed to be in the 70's. he was struck yesterday evening and pulled under the suv in the parking lot. police are investigating. the senate is expected to vote on a path to legal status for hundreds of thousands of immigrants. democrats may not have the votes needed to move the so-called dream act. it would allow young illegal immigrants to get citizenship if they are in college or serve in the military. that was approved the bill yesterday. the national christmas tree lighting ceremony is today. the event begins at 5:00 p.m. there's a traffic alerts. parking is not to play to be allowed on constitution avenue between 15th street and 17th streets. parking restrictions in effect on 15th street from constitution to new york avenues and on 17th street from
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constitution to pennsylvania. we will have a live report later on some of the activities there. 25 degrees on this thursday morning. >> oprah winfrey really opens up. the daytime diva got pretty emotional during an interview with barbara walters. >> a tax-cut compromise could be crucial to the nation's economy. >> first, the coldest day yet. another check on traffic and weather after the break. join the jaguar platinum celebration !
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>>captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome back. the freezing temperatures are taking a toll on the region's aging infrastructure. crews across the region are busy dealing with a broken water mains. d.c. water crews fixed eight of them yesterday. it takes about six-eight hours to fix one of them. the average water pipe, that is. -- average water pipes in d.c. is 77 years old. that's what these problems happen every winter. it's a mess. now to adam caskey. it's another bitter cold day. >> the coldest morning so far of
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the season. the coldest temperature previously was 20 degrees. now there's a new coldest temperature at dulles airport currently and 19 degrees. 27 at reagan national, 22 and martinsburg, manassas, 14 degrees. gaithersburg, 18. a lot of sunshine this afternoon. not as windy, luckily. just a very gentle wind iota of the northwest at 5-10 miles an hour or. -- out of the northwest. low 30's for the high temperature is in some areas. by tomorrow afternoon it will get to low 40's for the high temperature is just briefly tomorrow. a few degrees warmer on saturday. still looking at a storm system late saturday and sunday. still uncertain is the exact track of the storm system.
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something to watch. it will mostly be a rainmaker for the region. chants of mixed precipitation at the beginning and at the end of that precipitation event with that storm system. minimal accumulations. windy and cold next week behind that. -- westqwest of riggs construction.e's looks good atkins 270. n --at 270. no worries on the door the washington parkway. there was lingering roadwork westbound on 66 after glebe
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road, but no delays in this camera. back to you. >> thank you. 5:11, 25 degrees. >> coming up, the future of photography, smiling for smart phone could mean the end to the point and shoot. >> the tax-cut compromise heads to capitol hill. the deal and the debate, coming up. >> a daughter diagnoses for
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welcome back . five people are homeless after a fire destroyed in bowie at dimond 11:00 last night on
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normal school road. the family got alex safely -- got out safely, debora, a family pet was killed. a man tried to bomb a military recruitment center near baltimore. authorities arrested 21-year-old antonio martinez yesterday morning when he tried to set off what turned out to be a fake bomb. soul music singer aretha franklin has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. she underwent surgery last week. she was forced to cancel concerts and appearances through may. the white house is making the push to convince democrats to rescue the tax deal that the president struck with republicans. emily schmidt joins us with a look ahead. good morning. >> good morning. the tax-cut deal that is headed to the senate as soon as today
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perhaps has an unusual push for votes. republicans have lined up with president obama if, by and large. it's the democrats that need convincing. >> i'm not sure it will pass in its current form. nobody knows the answer. >> vice president joe biden went to capitol hill tonight trying to sell democrats on the deal. a couple of a major stake -- sticking points are state tax cuts and extending the bush era tax cuts for even the wealthiest americans. if the compromise does not pass, we would get a much larger risk of a double-dip recession. republican leaders believe the bipartisan deal is ready. mitch mcconnell says it's time democrats act for the good of the entire country. president obama explains his line of thinking last night democratic supporters. he said that he fought as much as he could on the tax breaks but that the votes were not there in ithe end.
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back to you. >> thank you. a change in leadership at dunbar high school in d.c. the interim school chancellor henderson was ousted. steven jackson is now the interim principal. students or as to their last month and charged with raping a 15-year-old girl in the stairway of the school. charges were later dropped. maryland could join d.c. and five other states in legalizing same-sex marriage. there's a report the majority of senators on a key committee would support a bill that supports gay marriage. o'malley said that he "such a bill. tollways at the dulles toll road plaza are rising again it will go up by 25 cents on the main plaza.
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these rates will not increase for the on and off ramps. $2.25 for vehicles with six axles. this will help fund metrorail expansion and to dulles airport. your cell phone camera could be the future of photography and netflix has a deal with disney. netflix has struck a deal with disney. hundreds of episodes of abc and disney shows will be on its online library, including "grey's anatomy and lost as well as high school musical. many americans are favoring is smart phones instead of cameras. smart phones have the advantage of being instant. >> you can take images that might be standard and ordinary and turn them into vintage
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looking things or black-and- white or poet and make the location of the camera becomes a virtue by giving it a quality that you would not get with a high-tech point and shoot camera. >> sales of point and shoot cameras have fallen over the past two years. i'm rob nelson. time for traffic and weather. >> the coldest morning so far. that is setting a lot. it's been a cold stretch of what's there. >> it has. november and december. some of the coldest numbers i could find on glenn dubin network. 13 in accidents, maryland. frederick, 14. stafford and regional airport, 14. jeffery davis fields, 14 degrees. this is the key today, the wind is calm or just very light. we don't have a bitter wind
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chill temperatures to deal with. it's 26 in the district, 19 in rockville, sterling, 23. 16 in la plata. linley low to mid 20s. average high today is 49. the last time we reached 40 degrees was on the weekend. that was low 40's. a lot of sunshine today. off to the west there is a developing storm system in the rockies. that will attract eastward. as it does, it will give us a good shot of precipitation late saturday into sunday advocacy a brief wintry mix at the beginning and end of that storm. a lot of sunshine today, mid 30's, cold. increasing clouds tonight in the 20's. tomorrow, brussels sunshine with added cloud cover but a little warmer. we could break 40 degrees of around the beltway. the storm is for sunday and
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there's going to be light winter mix at the beginning and end of that storm saturday night and at the end of sunday. looks like a rain event of the allies with highs in the 40's. windy and cold behind that next week. the commute is great on this thursday. seventh of town as the wilson bridge, no problems on the beltway, looks good on the beltway at fedex field abound andrews air force base. 295 looks good. travel times in our favor around the building. minor traffic stop at four corners. 29 sali, getting by. -- 29 south,. from potomac mills up to the pentagon, things are pretty decent. back to you. >> thank you. we will take a pretty decent. it's 26 degrees. 5:21. >> mike shanahan defends his decision to suspend albert
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haynesworth from the redskins. >> today on "oprah," a connecticut family murdered. oprah speaks with the only survivor of that tragedy, today at 4:00 and abc 7.
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>> used to break a leg, donte breakaway.ere's the
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>> the wizards to not have what it took for sacramento last night. 116-91. t out with ansaid injured foot. >> now tim brant. >> the terps dominated from start to finish. their best performance in the season with 39 points. a comcast center. what jordan williams at the end of this plan. the terps or upper right 18 at the half. they are laura liwere rolling. at redskins park yesterday, the players tried to move on and
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focus on the buccaneers after albert haynesworth has been suspended. >> we are playing the nickel package, first and second down playing nickel, passing situations. >> there's a look at your morning sports. have a great day. stay warm. >> 25 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> we have a behind-the-scenes look at tonight's christmas tree lighting. >> a maryland man is in custody for allegedly planning to blow up an army recruiting center. why the fbi says the public was not in danger. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. if it is the coldest morning so far of the year. we will talk numbers and
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> how many more are they not catching? >> straight ahead, another broken bomb plot in all on backyard. good morning, washington. welcome back. thanks for being with us on this thursday, december 9. i am alison starling. >> i'm pamela brown. more on that in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has the first forecast. if this is the coldest morning we have had. >> yes, so far this season.
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not quite yet at reagan national, but i anticipate reduced default few more degrees. dulles airport is the code is so far at 20. 19, rather. 19 in culpeper. 18 degrees in gaithersburg. 21 in lexington park. it's cold everywhere. in the teens in many suburbs. right temperatures today in the mid-30s. low 30's to the west of the blue ridge. there's no wind today or it's very light wind out of the northwest at 5-10. a few degrees warmer tomorrow, low to mid 40's. there's a storm by the weekend. now to lisa baden. northbound 95 from fredericksburg, 395, still good. 66, traffic merging at 50. alexandria toward the
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wilson bridge, at the decision point, there's a crash in the right lane of the local lanes. from dunkirk and chesapeake beach, north bound route 4, someone over near to 60. there's only one lane to the left to getting by. everyone is getting by on 270 southbound at 109. back to you. >> thank you. knew this morning, a family homeless after a fire at the dallas last night. have the flames and thick smoke pouring from the nose on normal school road. the family was able to get a safely, but a family pet did not. the cause is under investigation. fire destroyed a house last night in potomac. scores of five titles battled heavy flames and thick smoke home on query mill road in
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potomac, maryland. the family was renting the hall was and they got out safely with their dog. a maryland man at the center of a terrorist plot. for the sixth time this year and the second time in as many weeks, the fbi has caught the bombers. >> it was a recruiting station and a solid baltimore. brianne carter joins us with more details. >> the bomb was fake, but the threat this man posed was real. authorities set 21-year-old antonio martinez sought four people to know how with it and one of them turned him in. >> he's in custody after he
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allegedly tried to detonate what he thought was a bomb outside his military recruiting center on wednesday. on right under our noses and it's very scary. >> the fbi says it was all a sting. an fbi informant and an undercover agent pretended to be part of its plants since october to attack the u.s. military for what he called its war on islam. the car bomb was a fake mockup supplied by the fbi. >> it keeps people from trying to get other people to participate in this, from recruiting others. >> we have eliminated his threat. >> it still is on selling to people in the area.
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>> it is scary to go anywhere. >> it makes you wonder if there more they are not testing. >> martinez will be back in court on monday. he could face 20 years to life if found guilty. turning to a developing story from wikileaks supporters fighting back after the website founder was arrested. the hackers have attacked but sides of companies that cut ties with wikileaks after it published diplomatic documents, including visa and mastercard. and a website of an agency investigating sex crimes charges allegedly by the wikileaks founder. there was a hit-and-run accident at walker mill and
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county roads in capitol heights, maryland. low visibility may have been affected. they're looking for a 1990 golden honda accord with front and damage. police investigating two murders in south was murders a 17 despereaux from southeast was found shot to death yesterday morning in the 1300 bucks of -- street and musco plant was found stabbed at her apartment tuesday night. she works at georgetown hospital. or arrests in either case. the white house is trying to win support for the tax deal. the president is stuck with republicans. but some democrats say the president gave up too much in the compromise. >> president obama's says it's time to get things done. >> the american people are
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watching and expecting action. >> democrats said while many voiced support for the white house -- >> numerous members had a great deal of problems with the deal that was proposed. >> why it was economic adviser larry summers said if democrats defeat the deal, there's a much larger risk of a double-dip recession. >> i am not sure if it will pass. >> democrats concerned about an estate tax cut. highest earners will get a tax break in exchange for extended long-term unemployment. >> we've reached a bipartisan agreement. >> president obama told democratic supporters in a conference call last night that he put up the best fight that he could for tax cuts, but the votes were not there, he said.
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26 degrees. 5:36. head --ccounted >> it's making me cry because i am thinking about -- >> and emotional sit down with barbara walters. >> and the countdown to the christmas season alice in the white house. we will have a live report on that. -- outside
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we are at the washington ballet and we are performing the nutcracker at warner theatre this december. come to see us. good morning, washington. temperatures are in the teens right now in the suburbs. in the metro area it is in the 20's. 17 degrees in manassas. that set thurgood marshall. 21 in arlington. 24 in riverdale. 23 in hagerstown. 25 in oxon hill. columbia, maryland, 16. it is cold. the coldest morning so far of
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the year. the last time we will above average in terms of temperatures was wednesday, december 1. the last time we reached 40 degrees was last week. we have a shot at breaking 40 tomorrow. high temperatures today in the mid-30s. low 30's out west. chance of storms on sunday. a wintry mix at the beginning and end of that. "in nicely atkins 270 at -- we are moving nicely at 270 at father hurley boulevard. i'm going to take you to the other side of town. notaries in virginia. moving at speed at duke street. in alexandria there's a minor crash on the blade to the wilson bridge -- on the way to the
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wilson bridge on the beltway. 26 degrees, 5:42. >> clearing his record, and jim morrison could get an arrest >> clearing his record, and jim morrison could get an arrest thrown out
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5:45 on this thursday morning. a family is looking for a new place to live after a fire raced to through their house last night. have the flames and thick smoke poured from the house on normal school road. a dog was killed, but everyone else was able to make kids can out safely. a man who once lived laurel has been charged with trying to blow ability recruiting center near baltimore. authorities arrested 21-year-old antonio martinez yesterday morning as he tried to set off
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on what turned and to be a fake bomb. the white house is trying to convince democrats to vote for a compromise with republicans on extending the bush era tax cuts. some democrats say the deal favors the rich by extending the tax cuts and requiring them to pay less in the state taxes. -- in estate taxes. parking will not be allowed on constitution avenue between 15th street and 17th streets. 15th street from constitution to new york ave. and on 17th street from constitution to pennsylvania. a full report on that later. for the full list of closures and details about tonight's christmas tree lighting celebration, log on to other news, the man convicted of charges related to
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setting a data gunfire faces first-degree murder charges. a jury indicted yesterday and he's already serving more than 30 years in prison for pouring gasoline on vladimir djordjevic . the man died this past may. virginia police have 300 tips on a missing 12-year-old. she's been missing since her mother was found dead at their heroes in roanoke. she may have been taken by her mother's boyfriend jeffrey. the washington post is reporting speed cameras are in place south of interstate 695 in anne arundel county dry. ivers will receive warnings after -- drivers will receive
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warnings through the 29th of december and after that they get a ticket in the mail. $40. the coldest morning so far of the season. the last time we hit 40 degrees was over the last weekend. we have a good chance of that tomorrow. >> we might have rain? >> by saturday night or sunday. without rain, you become a desert. "i will take that. >> the average high is 49. the average low is 34. we have been below that since the second of december. betts maulana coltrane's has lasted. it will break a little tomorrow and the weekend. long the coldis how
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trend has lasted. 37 was a high temperature at reagan national yesterday. 27 right now. it's 25 in winchester. frederick and gaithersburg at 18. lexington park at 21. this is the nice part of the morning. it's cold right now, but we have light wind speeds. it's completely calm wind in gaithersburg and manassas and culpeper. we don't have a bitter wind chill to deal with. we started the day with clear skies and a lot of sunshine for the vast majority of the day. that will start to lift to the west. an area of low pressure will reach the rocky mountains and it will track eastridge and up the spine of the appalachian mountains.
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the path of the system is critical to determining what type of the visitation we will get saturday night and sunday. there could be a wintry mix at the beginning and end of that storm system. high temperatures today in the mid-30s with sunshine. 42 degrees tomorrow. quaintly brain on sunday. we cannot rule on a lot of wintry mix on the bookends of that storm. cold and windy behind a system by next monday. winter is easihere. there's a water main breaks east of 17th street. and central avenue down the rioeet from six flags the wor road base is shut down. 4 northbound isleton dunkirk and to as a peach, the rollover.
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traffic is able to get through. normal backup out of into montgomery county from frederick. back to you. >> thank you. oprah winfrey was crying. barbara walters' interview merkel. oprah winfrey became emotional when she talked about her relationship with gayle king. she said that gayle king is the mother that you never had and the sister that you would always want. she said that if she was gay, she would not hide it. the next chapter is tonight at 9:00 on abc 7. barbara walters said that she expected this to be added the nine interview, something about
5:52 am
the final season and did not expect so much emotion. -- expected to be a benign interview. >> looks like oprah did not expect that either. >> it's lovely. a party and then has been decades in the making. florida governor charlie crist has enough votes to get the state's executive clemency board to pardon jim morrison, the singer convicted of indecent exposure in 1969, accused of exposing himself during a concert in miami. he's appealing the -- john morrison was appealing the decision when he died in paris in 1971. the board's "vote on the part and today -- the pardon today.
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>> 25 degrees on this thursday. and today -- the pardon today. >> 25 degrees on this thursday. >>
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construction on the woodrow wilson bridge project. that's done. sensex jones point park in alexandria saw plenty of disruptions during 10 years of
5:56 am
construction . have newoing to athletic fields and playgrounds and a new running track and fishing pier and canoe launch. >> dog owners are disappointed that a dog run is not included in the plans. if the park designers said they had to consider environmental issues and the history of the park. it was part of an original colony established in 1654. >> so much history in that area. it's going to be beautiful. >> interesting. there's a lot more still ahead in the next hour. >> coming up, firefighters battle raging flames, details from a fire the left the family homeless. >> a 21-year-old maryland man
5:57 am
facing charges after an alleged bomb plot. brianne carter, details coming up. >> we will help you navigate your thursday morning commute
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coming up, a bomb plot broken up and a local man behind bars. the latest on the investigation
5:59 am
in a live report. >> and toledos of winter causes more problems. water mains keep crumbling and there is a final. >> beginning to look a lot like christmas near the white palace. if good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this thursday, december 9. i am pamela brown. >> i am alison starling. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. you are telling us today is the coldest day yet. >> the coldest morning this season so far. we are in the teens in many locations. not at reagan national. 26 degrees at reagan national. not much wind. gusting only a tool 7 miles an hour.


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